Welcome to the Blogging World

As this year had started, I kept asking myself “man I wish I had someone to tell me all the things that I need to know about the first year or survival”. Of course here and there people would give me hints and tips on things I needed and what I had to do to just survive that moment or item and sometimes I would just figure it out and be ahead of the game for a brief moment. But at the end of the day, it was (and still is) a trial and error kind of experience.

As I am trying to be innovative in my classroom, while doing everything I need to do for my students to be successful, and still having a life… (don’t get your hopes up). My students started taking interest in a teacher Instagram account that I had set up for our classroom. Then, after the Instagram momentum, I started using Twitter for our school activities. And then, I started thinking… what if I can use my social media obsession to help those new teachers who are struggling through the same peaks and valleys as I am.

So, here we are. First post, first new chapter of this online adventure. So I invite you to join the journey with me. Comment on my ideas, stories, and ‘learn from it’ moment. Share yours with me! If we are in it together, it makes it a little easier.

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