Halloween Take 1

Today was awesome, and a controlled chaos kind of awesome. Here are some stories, tips, and awesome activities that my Grade 8 students adored!

Question: How far is too far for a teacher to go to make holidays special?
Well… the truth is I am still trying to figure it out. My tip, go as far as you need to make the day special and memorable for the kids while still staying in the perimeters of learning. How did I do this for my students?
1. Cupcakes: My idea of mini Halloween cupcakes was a hit with my students. My tip, make sure you have mini- cupcake trays or else you could come out with some mis-shaped wonders like I did I watched as my mini cupcakes melded into one. Don’t worry, they still tasted awesome.

2. Link your core classes with some fun: In LA 8 we made tissue paper monsters. It was super simple, super effective and the kids loved being creative. You only need 3 items that should be easy to find around your school: tissue paper, string, and white paper. I walked students through how to make their own monsters and then they did a ‘quick write’ to practice their paragraph writing skills. A quick write is an awesome thing I have worked in where students are given a topic and a limited amount of time, once the timer is up we do a think pair share and students get to share their creations… THEY LOVE IT! definitely a must.

3. Get Involved! I decided to be 2 things this year, one for my kids and one as apart of the teacher costume a few colleagues wanted to do. This was also a huge hit. The students love seeing you commit. If I have any advice beyond the classroom and the treats, its that participating with your students goes a long way.

Share your Halloween Tips and Stories with me and comment on the post below! Happy trick or treating!


Miss Rylance

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