The Midpoint Struggle: PUSH!

You have reached the ‘1 week until Christmas break’ mark: students are going loopy, you are going loopy, assessments are due, you’re sick, the kids are sick, Christmas concerts, Christmas events, staff events… how are you going to make it?

Well… I am about asking myself the same question. I think the pressures of being a new teacher are always there and are always a battle but in times like this when the struggle is truly real, here are some things getting me through it.

  1. You’re not in it alone:
    I know it may seem that you are the new teacher that is trudging up the mountain alone, but even after talking to my principal today… we are all pushing through. Don’t feel like you’re in this alone. Talk to colleagues, go for some wine. Remember the end is near. If you try and fight this one alone, you are in for a long week.
  2. Try and make things fun:
    Trust me, there are moments in the day that I think to myself ‘man I am boring right now’, or ‘really my kids look like they are going to fall asleep’, and it may be because they played too much mine craft but it may also be because you’re loosing the spark. One of the things that I have to remind myself this week is that even with all the hustle and bustle, I still have to make things fun and exciting for my kids. How am I doing this?
    -Fun ‘secret Santa’ gift exchange for all of my students through out the week
    -I have a super awesome political cartoonist come and talk to us about current events!
    -Christmas Craft at the end of the week!
    Some simple easy things can even get you through the hard times you feel like you’re turning dull… trust me, it won’t only help you, it will help your students

    Image result for teacher cartoons christmas break

  3. The end is near!
    Use the time during the break to re-charge. I know every bone in our bodies is going to tell us to go in and change seating plans, or get ahead in planning, and although these things are obviously important…. don’t work so hard. A wise mentor once told me;

    “As soon as the students are working harder than you, you aren’t doing it right. We must work smarter, not harder”

    So lets all work together… cheers to a smarter not harder last week. For all of you first timers out there, I’m pushing here with you!


Miss Rylance

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