Life Long Learning!?

When I was in grade school I never really understood when my teachers always said they were life long learners, until I became a teacher. Every principle and passion I try and hammer into my students about reading more and exploring more, clearly rubbed off on me when I decided after just one semester of being “graduated” to go back to school.


Now, you might be thinking…
“Wow she is a first year teacher who is trying to have a life and she is going back to school”…
Why yes, I am. AND here is why.

Once I got into the classroom, I was so eager to engage all the tools I learned in University and test out all the ideas and information that had been marinating for the past 4 years, and I did. But then as my ideas expanded, I realized where my short comings as a professional were and where my students needed more from me.

Yes, I am my biggest critic. Yes, I in reality don’t have time. But, as a part of making a pact to myself that I would reflect the person that I want my students leaving my classroom as, I decided to do it.

There is something that will always and has always been rumbling inside of me to improve myself. But, the question of if I jumped the gun and decided to go back too soon is also something running through my head.

Here is what I know so far, I am excited to be back. I am newly inspired by my classmates and professors. And, I am getting fresh material on how to make my classes better. Stay tuned in a few weeks when papers are due, report cards are happening and I have exams.

But right now, my ‘few times a week’ night class is going to be the newest adventure for this first year teacher.

Let me know what you do to stay fresh and keep you passion brewing!


Miss Rylance

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