Digital Literacy… how do we stay ahead!?

IMG_2592Digital literacy is something I have been struggling with through my first year teaching. Not the way I am incorporating it in my classroom, but how as a teacher I am constantly pressured to keep up with an ever changing digital world my students are apart of.  Not only has there been the struggle of achieving proficiency in desktop tools such as office products or google platforms, but there is an ever changing evolution daily of apps and platforms that my students know so much more about.

I sat in a PD session where a stat was brought up that said, the jobs that exist today are not going to be relevant to the same degree they will be for my students. As this question was posed I kept thinking “am I doing enough”. Absolutely, first year teaching is a series of reflecting; however, I struggle quite often with the question if I am doing enough. The truth is, after doing all my reflecting I am not sure we will ever really know everything. I think there is a way with technology that I am able to learn from my students and teach them multiple platforms they will need in their lives.

My solution… create skills and tools for them to be able to keep up with change, understand an online world, and become effective communicators within platforms that exist now but also may not exist yet.

I believe it is so important to educate our student how to be smart digital learners and digital users and empower them to use technology to improve their imaginations and creativity. As teachers, I think the difficulty begins at where we want to stay in control of our students and stay within a realm that is “known” to us. I challenge us to say, “I don’t know, so let’s try together”.

A brilliant teacher once said that if we are going to model to our students adults who don’t know how to grow, learn and adapt we will be modelling ineffective learning strategies. I believe that if we tell students what we know, and are transparent in what we don’t, more growth based learning will occur- so let’s try it. I mean the worst that will happen is we learn from it…;)

Based on my thoughts through out today, I am terrified of the unknown world that is going to exist in 20 years, but I am excited to know that is it the minds within my classroom that are shaping our world. It also excites me, that I am going to give them the skills and tools to get there.

Teaching for a world that doesn’t exist… how does that make you feel?


Miss Rylance

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