Living with Intention

These last few weeks have been a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows. Spring break brought a much needed pause in the insanity and busyness of being a new teacher.

Spring break gave me the greatest gift of all… a new FIANCE! And I am over the moon to share that I will now be making the remarkable shift from Miss to Mrs! The day that he asked me to be his wife was the best day of my life, met with joy and so much excitement for our future… a journey I can’t wait for.


The weeks coming back, and most teachers know were difficult. The shift to the last chunk of the year. The push of trying to motivate students past the spring break brain while still trying to see the silver lining.

Although it was difficult, lots of awesome things happened. 

  1. Awesome Japanese Cultural Field Trip for social studies!
  2. Cooking using second language vocab in Ukrainian!
  3. Sharing my knowledge about cultural links to language acquisition at a community networking event!


All of these things make my heart so happy in thinking about the growth my students are experiencing.

However, tragedy also stuck our community. On April 6, 2018 a terrible accident involving the Humboldt Bronco Hockey Team happened leaving 16 dead and 12 injured. This accident sent ripples through our country, our community, and my family.

Being in Canada, it is easy to identify with these boys and this tragedy. Everyone either plays hockey, has a child who plays hockey, or knows someone who plays hockey. Most people have experienced long bus trips across the prairies. People know the dedication, determination and passion that these players had and the incredible future they had in front of them. All of these elements break the hearts of Canadians. For the players, coaches, trainers, announcers, first responders, families, friends… for everyone.

For my family, it struck a chord deeper. My brothers grew up playing competitive hockey and as my Dad puts it ‘ there is one degree of separation between everyone in the hockey world’. We knew these boys. My sister loved one of these boys. My brother played in the same league as these boys. The reality of loss has been draped over my family.


It has been so hard. 

In all of this. I have been trying to determine why. I have been trying to understand how good could come out of this situation.

But then this happened. 

A country standing behind a team. Behind players. Behind Canadian boys. Uniting together regardless of belief, religion, background, values… with one vision it was understood that with intention we were one.

AND my students become my beacon of hope.

IMG_3253 (1).JPG

I took this as motivation to find the why.

I believe that it is integral that we live life with intention every day. I am not talking about goals or dreams (which are also important). I am talking about the little things. 

  • Taking time to answer a phone call from a loved one when you really ‘don’t have time’.
  • Exchanging a smile with the person making your coffee in the morning.
  • Telling the people you love how much they mean to you.
  • Doing things daily that make you happy.
  • Doing the things that scare you.
  • Sweating, and rewarding your body with exercise.
  • Eating the cheese pizza even if it isn’t good for you.
  • Take the trip.
  • Spend the money.
  • Stress less.
  • Be late.
  • Slow down.
  • Live with intention everyday.

My heart breaks for everyone suffering from this loss, and I pray for you, the people who we lost and all the people who are still fighting for their lives.

But as our Country moved forward, and pick up the pieces… I challenge you to find your daily intention.


Miss Rylance

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