Building My Classroom Empire

Wow! This month has been WILD!

We are approaching the end of the first month of school and it seems like it has been 100 years since day 1. The anticipation of the new school year is slowly wearing off and my students are making my classroom their own as they are establishing who they are in eighth grade.

Since so much has happening this month, I decided to dedicate this post to how I am ‘Building My Classroom Empire‘! This post will highlight the efforts I am enduring to build lasting relationships with my students, how I am getting to know them and how they are getting to know me, and some amazing new systems that are working in my new space!


On the first day it was amazing to see all the students react to my space, to see their faces for the first time and to start understanding how we were going to learn from each other.

One of my favorite things about the first day was seeing the kids learn about me! In university one of my professors gave me the idea to put things about me in little bags and then have students guess elements about me based on the artifacts. IT WAS BRILLIANT. It was way better then the typical ‘things about me’ slide show (I would definitely recommend doing it!)


Not only was it a great way to get kids talking to each other and collaborating, but it also was a great way for them to learn about me!

We also did this amazing activity inspired by Five Foot Teacher, where I had students choose one word that inspires them and that they wanted to focus on for the year. The results were amazing and it branched into a whole week of priority and goal setting… it filled my soul!



In the first week my goals were to get to know my students, for them to get to know me and for them to have a clear vision of what grade 8 was going to be like for them. I truly believe that taking the time to learn who your kids are and where they want to be in your class is massive.

This year I really tried to start build a partnership type community in my classroom early, where my students are equals to me in the classroom. The whole first week I did a ton of stuff with my students that helped them develop a growth mindset and clear goals for their year. I really believe that if they are accountable for their learning, they will do amazing things.

So far, it has been awesome…!

I have found that in previous years I struggled with finding the right ways to have classroom management without implement strict rules or ‘old school’ styles. Having a common language that we can refer back to when things aren’t going well has been brilliant. Simply reminding students ‘are you exhibiting a growth mindset at this moment’ has worked wonders- if you haven’t tried it… do it!

Some amazing moments have been…

  1. Having students excited to use my space and constantly telling me they are excited to have me as a teacher- wins!
  2. Starting my MASTERS OF EDUCATION!!! (new blog post coming soon…!)
  3. Implementing some amazing relationship building activities that have worked wonders in my classroom!

Let me know how your first month is going! I love hearing how things are going for you!


My classroom is all about the amazing people in it. I love them all already!



Miss Rylance

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