Quick Ideas

Are you strapped on what to do with extra time? Did your sub plans fall through? Here is a quick list of some great ideas that are easy to implement and can be built on for lessons to come!

  1. Pixar: Short Films Collection are 5-10 minute YouTube films that have different themes easy to get students to discuss, write about, or create different projects off of. Use them as writing prompts, theme motivators, or simply ‘time fillers’. Check it out below!pixarlogo‘La Luna’: May be used to talk about adventure, perspective and communication.
    Piper: May be used to teach resiliency and empathy in struggle..
  2. Do a Classroom Icebreaker!I love doing these with my students when we have extra time or they have earned some ‘free time’. It gives them me the chance to build an excellent class community as well as giving them a chance to know each other better an have a good time!ice-breaker-clipart-school-clipart-cbn3fu-clipartSome of my go-to’s:
    Have you Ever:
    The students put all their chairs in a circle, one person is put in the center of the chairs. The center person then says “have you ever_______” with something crazy/ unique/ different/ or common that they have done. Everyone who has done that ‘thing’ must get up and change chairs. If you are the person who does not get a chair you now become the center person.
    Honey If You Love Me:The group starts in a circle with one person in the middle.
    This person tries to get others to laugh by saying “Honey if you love me you’ll smile.”
    The person on the outside must respond without smiling or laughing saying, “Honey, I love you but I just can’t smile.”
    The person in the middle can do various things, without touching anyone, to get another person to smile.
    If the person does smile then they will become the center person..
  3. Stuck for a template? Check out some of my favorite go-to’s below!>The lesson plan template that will change your life!lessonplan
    Check out the FREE lesson plan template!template-ubd-planning-2016

    >Have you never made a Unit Plan? Use this one as a reference!
    -All you need: outcomes, resources, Chapters from text book, and what you’ll do!

    Check out this FREE unit plan template!unitplan_grade9_issue9-1_rylance


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