Reflecting on a FABULOUS year!

Welcome to 2019!

Wow 2018 was a fantastic whirlwind in so many ways. Looking back I feel extremely blessed and proud of everything that happened in 2018. This post is dedicated to reflecting on those incredible moments as a teacher, my top 8 ‘WOW’ moments of 2018.

Disclaimer: I tried to pick just 5, but it was too hard.

This year, I have some new goals for myself in my classroom and as a teacher. As I am goal planning for 2019 with my students this week, I feel compelled to give you insight and inspiration on how I’m looking forward and where you could push yourself to do the same!

Here are my top 8 ‘WOW’ moments of 2018:

  1. Opening the Cultural CenterIMG_0577
  2. Community Support NightIMG_0896
  3. Speaking about English Language Learning and Pedagogyimg_1620 (1)
  4. Writing an article for the Alberta Teachers Association
  5. Sharing my passion on some awesome Pod Casts, check them out!
  6.  Starting my Masters of Education!


  7. Classroom Makeover!
  8. AMAZING moments with my kiddos


I feel like I could write a book about all of these experiences- it was a fabulous year! Obviously the challenges also existed and obstacles were not absent; however, the pay off after all the burnout was worth it.

2019 goals are to continue the momentum, to push myself but remember what is important- my students, myself, and the people I love.

What are your goals for 2019?


Miss Rylance


Starting Fresh: What are your resolutions?

I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging as I did from school during the Christmas season. The push before Christmas has perhaps been the most difficult time for me thus far as a new teacher. The pressure of finishing assessments and units before the break, along with Christmas and holiday events during school hours, parties, the works… it was a lot, as I am sure you know.

After that my brain took about 2 weeks to normalize as I got ready for the New Year. As a new teacher, I feel as though the amount of reflecting and growing that happens is endless but as the New Year started, I think this gives teachers a moment to really think about how this year is going and assess what needs to happen moving forward.

TIP: In making resolution for the New Year, cut yourself some slack. I am my own biggest critic… and although reflection is good… be careful to give your self more credit then you think you need. Find small and effective ways to strengthen your practice.

Check out some of my teaching ‘resolutions’ for this year! 2017… bigger and better!

  1. If you’re having fun, so are your students!
    Before the break, as the insanity of December set in, I felt like as I was becoming more anxious so were my students. Yes, there are always ‘fun things’ happening, but in the day to day business of routine with your students… its so important to make sure you’re still lovin’ it.
  2. Let it be.
    I found that up to this point, I have had a level of patients and acceptance with my students (as you of course need). However, the bottle flipping and dabbing were getting to be frustrating. I decided that coming into the New Year, I was going to understand that those things were inevitable and it was time to just ‘Let it Be’.
    Its going to happen… stay posted for more details. What I can tell you, its going to be epic;)


These simple things are hopefully going to help my classroom grow more into 2017. I recommend making goals and resolutions not only for life in the classroom but also life outside. The balance required to maintain a fresh vibe is essential. Some of my other goals included health, relationship, adventure and financial goals; all of which will help me be a better educator.


If you want to share your new year, new you goals with me let me know!

Miss Rylance