Surviving Teaching Year 2!


The end of June is here, and its safe to say that we survived teaching for this school year! WHOOP!

June is always a bittersweet month for teachers; teacher burnout is evident, the days seems more like years, fun times are had, the rewards of all your hard work with the students pay off and sadly (or sometimes happily) you say good bye to your batch of students. I always feel like I am on board an emotional roller coaster in June- I want them to leave, I want them to stay, I feel like I have failed, I feel like I made a difference, I hope I did enough, I hope they leave my classroom better, I know they left my classroom better, I wonder what next year’s students will be like, I wonder if I taught everything they needed... its quite the ride.

As i’m sitting here in my empty classroom, with the bulletin boards down and the chaos for 8th grade tucked away (for now), I think about the students that made this classroom theirs. All the memories and adventures and risks that were experienced this year and it makes me SO proud. I often write a lot about how being a teacher is hard but rewarding, and I think that in moments where time seems to stop, like the one I am in right now, its clear that all the struggle and crazy and stress that happens in the profession of teaching is so absolutely worth it.

IMG_5220.jpgI’m going to miss these beauties!

Recently, I was interviewed by the Teachers on Fire podcast and in the interview Teachers on Fire host, Tim Cavey, asked me what the hardest part of being a teacher is and how I get through those hard times. It was a hard one for me to answer because the truth is, there are hard things everyday, but the greatness over shadows those hard times.


My answer to him was this, that no matter what anyone says teaching is a hard job but the hardest days are when we don’t believe in each other or we don’t believe in ourselves as teachers. So, the way I get through those hard moments is taking them as learning moments, periods of growth, funny stories and moving forward. My challenge in these last few years as a new teachers was to focus on the amazing and spectacular things that were going to come with this journey, and it has made the experience beautiful.

Surviving Teaching was the inspiration for that positivity. For those days when it is hard to see the good, for the moments that are so amazing that I want to share with the world, for the stories that need to be told beyond the walls of my classroom.

As I close the chapter of my second year as a teacher, I thank you guys for following my journey, learning from my experiences, and joining in the joy.

Have a fantastic summer!


Miss Rylance 

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Caution… Teacher Burnout Ahead!

In June, being a teacher is hard…

Is it just me or is everyone else feeling like they’re done. These last few weeks for me have been hard.

I have really been struggling this week with finding motivation, positivity, encouragement, happiness in my teaching. When I started out teaching (now 2 years ago WHOOP) lots of people warned me not to take on too much, to slow down, to only take on what I could handle because of the infamous burnout that new teachers experience, or even all teachers.

The last few years I have ignored their advice… and now I’m burnt out. Truly.

I think it took me about a week to really understand what I was going through because it’s so out of character for me. But the exhaustion, lack of motivation, waking up everyday like I just need to get through the day is so draining. And I am definitely experiencing it.

The end of the year comes with so many positive moments, and on days like I had this week when my patients was thin, my students had ‘ one of those days’, when the printer jammed and the staff meeting went over, remembering those positive moments is what’s key.

Being a teacher is so hard.

I’m going to be honest, being a middle school teacher is the best, most rewarding job and I LOVE being these kids teacher. But man, I literally just feel like I am running after kids like a chicken and they are 3 steps ahead of me.

You’re probably reading this thinking
“man this is depressing, I wonder why anyone would want to be a teacher”
and I am kind of thinking the same thing… BUT here are some amazing things that I am going to try and do to turn this burnout into a final push!

  1. Find one positive at the end of every day, or every week!Take a moment, write it down, keep it in a special place for those hard moments.


  2. Turn those stressful activities into trophy’s of success!We had our grade 8 farewell celebrations, although it was a ton of work and was a stressful weekend, some amazing moments came out of it!B72C662E-3A99-4814-BFF0-B3732F19221E.JPG
  3. Remember why you started!For me, it started with wanting to make a difference and having a meaningful life with lasting impacts… in those hard moments, I need to remember that.


  4. Find some external motivation (TED talks and twitter inspiration are great!)one of my favorites:

For all of you who are struggling for the final push with me, remember…

“It’s better to burnout than fade out”

Burnout means that you are pushing yourself to be your very best.

Have a great week!

Miss Rylance